The Animals


3 thoughts on “The Animals

    1. We don’t don’t breed them, we just really enjoy the breed. We got Maizey from another family that couldn’t care for her. The lady had become fearful of her dominance aggression so she was left outside, alone most of the time. I’m not sure how the husband was with her, but she is really nervous around brooms and shovels.
      If you do get a Maremma, be prepared for a highly intelligent dog that is super stubborn and requires a different type of training. They don’t seem to like to do things unless they see the point in doing it. They also bark a lot at night. That said, all of our Maremma’s have been loving, loyal dogs, full of personality – – to take care of the barking, we have kept them in the garage at night. I hope you find one, They are wonderful.

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