Big Green Egg

What a fantastic barbeque.

7/28:  We barbecued a home grown chicken tonight with some carrots and beets from the garden.  The chicken was rubbed with some thyme, sumac, sesame seeds, salt and pepper and the vegetables were placed in a foil packet with olive oil and a little balsamic.  It was wonderful.

7/14:  Here it is

7/13:  A couple more days of assembly and the table is finished – it is fantastic!  It’s really heavy and sturdy.  The grill fits perfectly and we are really happy with it.

7/11: Assembly has begun and we had a little problem, the top shelf ended up a little warped and when we attached it and the top shelf to the legs, all four legs did not touch the floor.  A little rigging was necessary, but we finally got it and learned a lot.

7/10:  We now have all of our supplies for the big green table.  We picked up two hydraulic hand-truck tires at Ace Hardware along with some blots and washers.  We found a quart of exterior enamel in a really pretty charcoal-olive at the Miller Paint store for 83 cents (I love the mis-mix) and a gorgeous remnant of Brazilian Verde Pavao granite (green butterfly) for under the egg.  It was only $20.00.  We didn’t even think about the paint color with the granite but they are beautiful together.  Today, I painted the base pieces with one coat of the enamel to make it a little easier to finish later.  Tomorrow, Joe begins assembly.

7/5:  We’re (mostly Joe) making a table for the big green egg.  The burgers and dogs for the fourth of July were fantastic. but we almost dumped it moving it out of the garage.  Yesterday, Joe and Noah cut the pine boards for the base of the shelves and I primed them.  

6/7:  Today we’re going to try to roast a whole chicken.

Well…………  We couldn’t find the roasting stand for the chicken, so I cut it up for the BGE.  A little rosemary salt, a little pepper, a little olive oil and on to the big green egg.  12 minutes on the first side and wham – a deluge.  It started pouring so hard I had to go out there with an umbrella (yes Oregonians do not normally use them) and flip the chicken.  The rain did make the BGE start producing the most wonderful smoke.  7 minutes more and we had some lovely, chestnut-brown chicken.

Our Big Green Egg

The only problem……You couldn’t bite into it.  It was so tough I thought Noah was going to lose a tooth with it.  Joe couldn’t even eat it and I could cut it with a dinner knife.  Needless to say we learned that the old hens in the freezer should be stewed into stock not grilled.  Good thing we had leftovers.


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