Summer Field Trip – Nola Doughnuts

la’ssant doughnuts and beignets

At Nola Doughnuts in Lake Oswego,  the la’ssant doughnuts are made with dough similar to croissant dough which is made using a three-day process. They also make some lovely beignets, light and fluffy , mine came with a delicious side of Marionberry preserves.



Summer Vacation Day 9: Bakery visit #10, garden work and Chia Seed Pudding

This morning the weather was glorious – blue sky, warm (but not hot), just lovely. DH and I decided to visit a bakery because DS23 had a friend sleeping on our couch. We drove into Mulino to try breakfast at Tammy D’s. Tammy D’s is nothing fancy, just a pretty nice breakfast/lunch joint that sells some of their house-made bakery items. I’ve been avoiding processed sugar for nine days so, even though the cinnamon rolls were calling out to me and the cookies looked delicious, DH and I settled for a beautiful loaf of brioche. Breakfast was tasty, DH had the traditional breakfast ($10.50 was maybe a bit high) and I settled on the biscuit and gravy from the senior/kids menu with an egg on the side ($6.50). It was fine….not the most remarkable breakfast we’ve had, but well cooked and the service was friendly and terrific.


When we got home, we spent some time in the garden.  We fertilized and watered, put strings up on the pea trellis and DH repaired a couple of fence posts that had rotted out.  The cement should dry tonight so we can put up fencing tomorrow to keep the deer and rabbits from (hopefully) snacking on my veggies.

This evening I really wanted a sweet snack from the Dairy Queen – – Day 9 No Sugar had been going really smoothly until then.  I remembered that I had stirred up a batch of Coconut Milk Chia Seed Pudding yesterday and it was waiting in the refrigerator.  I topped it with a little fresh mango and some raw milk from my favorite cow and dug in.  Now I’ll be the first to admit, grayish-purple pudding is not chocolate soft-serve, but it was cold and just slightly sweet and pretty darn delicious.

Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

1 cup chia seeds
1 can coconut milk
1 T honey
1 t vanilla
1/2 cup shredded coconut

Combine and chill
top with fresh fruit and a little milk

Bakery Visit #8 – Miranda’s Bakery (Woodburn)

The stop today on the “52 Bakeries in 52 Weeks” Goal – Miranda’s Bakery (#8) in Woodburn. 16832223_801184433373247_2176547059090897319_nThe place was packed. You grab a cafeteria tray and tongs and go over to the cases of sweet breads and start piling. We weren’t sure what anything was so we picked up a selection – sweet breads, a cinnamon roll, a turnover and a jalapeño/cream cheese roll.

16832376_801184536706570_707952365393220265_n 16832414_801184506706573_8917644755240084984_n 16807782_801184453373245_5442151154669897554_n 16807564_801184486706575_309633340192308290_n


Bakery Visit #7 – Grano Bakery and Market

Wednesday, I visited Grano Bakery and Market for stop number 6 on our “52 Bakeries in 52 Weeks” Goal. Grano just opened a storefront in Oregon City after getting rave reviews at the Farmers Market. I picked up a loaf of Brioche and a Savory Bread Pudding.


We used the Brioche for sweet French Toast on Saturday morning with homemade clotted cream and maple syrup.


The Savory Bread Pudding was sliced this morning for a savory French Toast to accompany our farm fresh scrambled eggs. Yum.

Bakery Visit #5 – Back to Eden

We continued down Division on our quest for bagels, stopping for our fourth stop today on our “52 Bakeries in 52 Weeks” Goal, Back to Eden (#5) on 28th & Division. This is a bakery food cart with a small selection of cookies, cupcakes, and a breakfast pastries. We didn’t want any additional sweets, so we chose to bypass a purchase (maybe next time).16473580_791902100968147_4625497409397635842_n 16425753_791902127634811_1088474640577322899_n