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Summer Vacation Day 43 – Orange Mead and Orange Cake

  Orange Cake – see recipe here Orange Mead* makes 1 gallon 2 1/2 pounds raw honey 1 Large orange –  wash cut to fit for later removal from the gallon jug 1 small handful of raisins 1 teaspoon bread yeast  – dies off … Continue reading

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Cinnamon and Applesauce Ornaments

The smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves & other spice always reminds me of Yule.  These ornaments, made of ground cinnamon and applesauce fill our house with the scent of an old fashioned holiday.  They make up all feel cozy. To … Continue reading

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Making Vanilla Extract

My vanilla beans arrived today so I was able to start two bottles of vanilla extract.  One is a quart of Madagascar Vanilla and the other is a pint of Tahitian Vanilla.  The Tahitian beans came free with my order … Continue reading

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