June Garden 2018

June 2: Two red cabbage and most of the lettuce has bolted.
June 3: Harvested sorrel, broccoli, Swiss chard, and mint


Pumpkins and Squash in the Garden


From Left to Right

  • 2 x Black Beauty Squash (zucchini)
  • 2 x Buttercup Squash
  • 2 x Baby Blue Hubbard Squash
  • 2 x Jarrahdale Pumpkins
  • 2 x Queensland Blue Pumpkins
  • 2 x Sugar and Pie Pumpkins (front)
  • 2 x Rouge vif deEtemps Pumpkins (back)

May Garden 2018

May 6: Planted 1 row De Vertus Marteau Turnip seeds
May 6: Planted 1 row Demi Long de Guernessey Parsnips seeds
May 6: Planted 1 row Baby Carrots seeds
May 6: Planted 1 patch Ronde Maraichere Mache (Corn Salad) seeds
May 6: Panted 4 Black Beauty Summer Squash seeds in the greenhouse
May 6: Planted 1 packet Gourmet Herb Mix seeds in greenhouse

May 7: Planted 6 Yukon Gold Potatoes – barrel at the end of the strawberry bed

May 13: First harvest  –  Broccoli and Lettuce

May 20: Joe set out the weed fabric for new squash berms

May 26: Planted pumpkins – Sugar and Pie(2), Rouge vif deEtempes(2), Queensland Blue(2), Jarrahdale(2)
May 26: Planted winter squash – Baby Blue Hubbard(2) and Buttercup(2)
May 26: Planted summer squash – Black Beauty(2) and Ronde de Nice(2)
May 26: Planted tomatoes – Green Zebra(1), Chianti Rose(1) and Persimmon(1)

May 27: Planted Sweet Basil starts from seed (in bed near chickens and barrel near cans)
May 27: Planted Lemon starts from seed (first bed left entering gate)
May 27: Planted Beet seeds (uphill end second bed left entering gate)
May 27: Planted Salem Rosemary at base of Peach tree
May 27: Planted Arp Rosemary (near barrel next to strawberry bed)
May 27: Planted Pepper starts from saved seeds in front of winter squash
May 27: Planted Yellow PattyPan Squash (near larch)
May 27: Planted Watermelon (barrel near strawberry bed)
May 27: Planted Lovage (upper back corner of bed near peach)
May 27: Planted Dill (hill next to cucumber can)

Tomatoes 2018

4/21…I think it may be too late to start tomatoes from seeds so I picked up four plants from Wilco while they were on sale…. Brandywine Red,  Celebrity, Cherokee Purple and Black Krim.  I planted them deep and tomorrow will top dress them with some veg fertilizer.

4/23…I added two more tomato plants from Wilco into the bed nearest the chicken coop.  The uphill side has a San Martino paste tomato and the downhill side has a Brandywine Gold.

April Garden 2018

The first full weekend of April brought a storm to our area. We had 1.67″ of rain on Saturday and 30mph winds.  We spent the day at the Benton County Fairgrounds at the Poultry Swap and Homesteading Faire.

4/7 – planted 1 row Spanish Onion starts

4/8 – 4″ Lemon Grass start at the Faire
4/8 – 3 Red Potato starts $1.99/lb – Old Mill Feed and Garden
4/8 – 1 bunch Walla Walla starts – $3.29 – Old Mill Feed and Garden

4/9 – Planted 1/2 bed Walla Walla starts
4/9 – carrot and beet seeds are sprouting

4/14 – Planted 2 barrels of Yukon Gold
4/14 – Planted 1 barrel of Red Pontiacs
4/14 – Transplanted 5 blueberries

4/18 – planted 12 Buttercrunch and Great Lakes lettuce starts – $2.99 – Wilco

4/21 – planted 6 Snowball Cauliflower starts – $1.50 – Wilco
4/21 – panted 4 Tomato starts – $5.00 – Wilco

4/22 – planted 2 rows leeks – $1.50 – Wilco
4/22 – planted Oriental Snow Peas and Blue Pod Shelling Peas under Climbing structure
4/22 – planted Mangetout Carouby (Snow Peas) in potato barrel near climbing structure
4/22 – planted Serpette (Peas) in potato barrel near compost bin structure
4/22 – spread tomato – vegetable fertilizer
4/22 – planted scented geraniums and lemon grass
4/22 – started 2 pots Dill in greenhouse
4/22 – started 2 pots Borage in greenhouse
4/22 – started 2 pots Lovage in greenhouse
4/22 – started 3 pots Chives in greenhouse
4/22 – started 4 pots Ronde De Nice Summer Squash in greenhouse
4/22 – added filbert shells to raised beds

4/23 – planted 2 Tomato starts – $2.50 – Wilco
4/23 – planted pickling cucumber in garbage can – $1.69 – Wilco
4/23 – planted Kentucky Wonder Pole beans near Angelica – $0.85 – Wilco
4/23 – planted Black Beauty Eggplant- $0.85 – Wilco
4/23 – planted Hidcote Blue Lavender near celery – $1.89 – Wilco
4/23 – planted 1 row Detroit Red Beet seeds
4/23 – planted 2 mystery squash or cucumbers- $0.85 each – Wilco
4/23 – started 12 cells of Lemon Basil seeds
4/23 – started 12 cells of Sweet Basil seeds
4/23 – started 6 cells of chili seeds saved from last year



Herb Boxes on the Back Patio

This morning I planted the first of two wine barrel planters.  This one gets fairly full sun and is an easy walk from the kitchen so I put in culinary herbs.  It also has a sunken, unglazed pottery vessel which should help with water needs.  The Sweet Bay  and sage had wintered over so I added oregano, chives, Italian parsley and lemon thyme.  I also picked up a couple of lavender-pink seed geranium for some color.  I still need to top it off with a little composted manure.  I put the plants pretty close together, but I think it will look better if they’re a little crowded.

In the afternoon,  I started planting the other barrel.  This one gets is closer to the house, tucked under the shade from the kiwi on the pergola.   It’s right next to the back door so I’ll look for some more culinary herbs that grow well in the shade.  It also has a sunken, unglazed pottery vessel which should help with water needs.  The chives had wintered over and all I’d found on our morning trip out to add to it was a couple of pots of Sweet Woodruff a lovely, fast-spreading herb to add to my May wine.  I’l source some more shade-loving herbs to add later.