Spring Pruning of the Raspberries

We’ve had such a wet spring in the Pacific Northwest that I am really behind on all of my winter and spring pruning and gardening.  We finally had two days in a row in the seventies and when I walked by the garden I noticed the sad state of our raspberry bed.

The "Before"

When I got up there, it was even worse than I thought.  The golden raspberries are in pretty good shape, they just needed to have the dead stalks and the volunteers removed.  The red raspberries do not look good.  They have become very “viney”, long and straggly, curled and weak.  I headed them back and removed all of the dead canes.  When I finished pruning, I weeded to get it ready for a top dress of compost next weekend.  At least it looks better.

The "After"

Spring Pruning of the Grapes

I started some of the pruning this afternoon with the grape vines.  I might be too late, but I thought it would be better late than never.  I pruned each spur from the main runner back to two buds.   couple of times I sunk into the muck past my ankles but the grape looks much better.