The Great Summer Clean-up

Twenty years ago when we built the Beavercreek Backyard Farm we found numerous plants on clearance and planted them all along the stone wall that DH built in the backyard.  Those little gallon-sized plants have outgrown there spots and, because we live on the shady side of a hill, the are growing away from the…

2019 Garden – Finally Getting Started

The spring was a little late this year and my garden was even later.  I finally feel sturdy enough to make it down the driveway (steep) to the garden so I braved some of the weeds and put in a few starts. Last weekend I planted 5 Yukon Gold and 3 Russet potato starts in…

2018 Chicks are Growing Fast

The Bresse chickens (and friend) we hatched out are in the outside enclosure as we moved the five Blue Slate Turkeys to the poultry yard.

July Garden 2018

Visit this page for harvest totals 7/18 Harvested Carrots (1 pound) Harvested Zucchini (2.5 pounds) 7/21 Harvested New Potatoes (3 pounds) Planted Black Valentine Bush Beans in the galvanized trough near the dog kennel. Harvested Carrots (3.5 pounds) Harvested Cannonball Zucchini (1.5 pounds) Harvested Cucumbers (3.5 pounds) Planted Assorted Beets Detroit Dark Red Cylindrical Lutz…

June Garden 2018

June 2: Two red cabbage and most of the lettuce has bolted. June 3: Harvested sorrel, broccoli, Swiss chard, and mint

They’re Growing Fast

The turkey poults we picked up as chicks on May 5th are three weeks old and getting big.  They are starting to fly up and out of their brooder and are going out into the baby pen tomorrow.

Pumpkins and Squash in the Garden

  From Left to Right 2 x Black Beauty Squash (zucchini) 2 x Buttercup Squash 2 x Baby Blue Hubbard Squash 2 x Jarrahdale Pumpkins 2 x Queensland Blue Pumpkins 2 x Sugar and Pie Pumpkins (front) 2 x Rouge vif deEtemps Pumpkins (back)

May Garden 2018

May 6: Planted 1 row De Vertus Marteau Turnip seeds May 6: Planted 1 row Demi Long de Guernessey Parsnips seeds May 6: Planted 1 row Baby Carrots seeds May 6: Planted 1 patch Ronde Maraichere Mache (Corn Salad) seeds May 6: Panted 4 Black Beauty Summer Squash seeds in the greenhouse May 6: Planted 1 packet…