Taming the Garage – 2018

I started the garage declutter/clean today with a couple of countertops.  Several items are ready to donate and others are put into the correct area (we tend to just set stuff down in the clear area whether or not it belongs there).


Summertime – Week 5 – Office/Storage Closet

  • July 15 – Declutter Office shelves
  • July 16 – Redo Refrigerator Clean-up
  • July 17 – Declutter Office Supplies from Storage closet
  • July 18 – Declutter Video Games from Storage closet
  • July 19 – Declutter Electronics from Storage closet
  • July 20 – Declutter Toys from Storage closet
  • July 21 – Declutter Remainder from Storage closet

The Great Office Declutter of 2018

This is the clutter room – the room that we stuff anything and everything that we no longer need, but aren’t ready to get rid of in.  There were 4 chairs, a guitar, a ukulele, 20ish bottles of wine, books, 20 pounds of candle wax, old family photos, 3 computers (one of which is broken), 2 space heaters and a fan amongst the other items.  The paint was faded (in some places, down right disgusting) and cobwebs and fuzzballs ready to attack at a moments notice.

The painting started first, a lovely shade called Shiplap White.  Once that was on the walls, I panicked……there was not contrast between the walls and the trim….but I forged ahead and now I really like it.  It’s such a clean, non-cluttered color scheme for a room that inherently has a lot of stuff, even on a good day.

After the painting, I wrangled some volunteers to help declutter.  I still can’t bend or extend my knee completely and going up and down the stairs is still a bit painful.  We took loads of thing down to the new junk area – The Garage (we’ll get to that later).  These photos are from the “almost done stage”.

The shelves on the right (top and middle) are done.  The left and bottom right are not finished yet. I also finished glueing Tom the Gnome back together. That’s Today’s job as is hanging up my oldest’s bulletin board after he decides where to put his cpu.  That will help with the clutter of the desk top.  Anyone need a gumball machine?

I also made a new curtain for the skylight this morning and need some help hanging that.  Right now both of the extension rods holding the ends of the curtain are at the bottom, where I can reach.

On the third day, the declutter was finished up.  More trips to the Goodwill thrift store, more dusting and a final vacuum and the space is just about done.  I just need to hang a bulletin board and pegs for tech accessories.


Summertime – Week 4 – Drawers

  • July 8 – Declutter nightstand drawers
  • July 9 – Declutter desk drawers
  • July 10 – Declutter Living room drawers
  • July 11 – Declutter Pantry drawers
  • July 12 – Declutter Kitchen drawers
  • July 13 – Declutter Bathroom drawers
  • July 14 – Declutter Garage drawers

Wardrobe Revamp!

I bumped into a fabulous sale this afternoon and since I don’t by new clothes very often they were showing their age. I decided to go on a bit of a splurge. It was sooooooo fun. I never do things like this, but I figured out that I had saved about 89% off of the original prices – the original cost would have been $1337.44 for 31 pieces, but I only spent $147.61. 

The splurge meant I needed to declutter my closet. I think I kept less than 15 items from my old wardrobe. I was brutal – anything with pilling, stretched out necklines or mystery stains went. Anything uncomfortable, unworn or unloved went. No I look at my lovely new clothes and my organized closet and I feel a weird sense of peace – like getting dressed for work will now be so much easier.

Summertime – Week 3 – Closets

  • July 1 – Declutter shoes and bags
  • July 2 – Declutter coats and jackets
  • July 3 – Declutter clothes in drawers
  • July 4 – Declutter hanging clothes
  • July 5 – Declutter shelves in closets
  • July 6 – Declutter winter accessories
  • July 7 – Declutter second closet

Summertime – Week 2 – Linens

  • June 24 – Declutter, iron and organize bathroom towels
  • June 25 – Declutter napkins and tablecloths
  • June 26 – Declutter, treat and organize kitchen towels and washcloths
  • June 27 – Organize cleaning supplies in the linen closet
  • June 28 – Declutter and wash sheets and pillowcases
  • June 29 – Declutter and organize linen chests
  • June 30 – Wash and hang out bedding (if weather allows)