Bakery Visit #4 – St. Honore’ Boulangerie

16406709_791900104301680_137431856214187476_nBy the third stop on our “52 Bakeries in 52 Weeks” Goal this morning we were getting hungry, so we decided to have snack at St. Honore’ Boulangerie (#4) on 33rd & Division.

16473146_791900114301679_3178892706112003150_n 16508165_791900110968346_3590421164515900249_nWe chose a cream fill St. Honore’ and an Apple Toast with coffee and the most fantastic hot cocoa. Wonderful – but really enough sweet for the whole day.

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Bakery Visit #3 – Roman Candle Baking Co.

Stop two for the day on our “52 Bakeries in 52 Weeks Goal” this Sunday morning was Roman Candle Baking Co. on 33rd & Division.


They have a great selection of breads: Stecca, Ciabatta, Caraway Rye, Pane coi Santi, Seeded Whole Wheat loaf, Contadino and more.  In addition they serve some wonderful looking Pizza Bianca al Taglio – “Roman style flatbread”, sandwiches and a variety of breakfast items.


They all looked wonderful so we picked up a Pizza Blanca to have during the SuperBowl – soft and fresh, sprinkled with salt and fresh rosemary.


Bakery Visit #2 – Petite Provence

16473184_791893877635636_2145740816204832222_nWe decided to work on our “52 Bakeries in 52 Weeks Goal” this morning. Our First Stop – Petite Provence on 48th & Division in Portland. This bakery has an attached cafe which was packed on a Sunday morning.  I have a dear friend, a French teacher, that gives Petite Provence a very positive recommendation.

16427599_791893874302303_5699813552415454967_nWe stepped in from the rain to a bustling shop smelling of good coffee, breakfast and cinnamon. They had a beautiful selection of pastries so we picked up a square of coffee cake, a Kouign-amann, and a sticky pecan roll to take home for the boys.

16473505_791893867635637_1442229456669585550_nAbsolutely delicious.

Bakery Field trip #1 – Grand Central Bakery Sellwood

I couldn’t wait to get started on my Bakery Field trip Tour so we decided to begin on Saturday.  We were heading into the Sellwood neighborhood of SE Portland on a couple of errands.

After a few quick stops at The Pendleton Factory Outlet, American at Heart and The Portland Homestead Supply Company (Wheeeee!) we decided to pick up a loaf of  bread at The Grand Central Bakery.  We purchased the 2016-17 Chinook Coupon book so we used a coupon to get a free loaf of bread with our $10.00 purchase.


We used for a nice morning treat, Joe had a dunker and a latte and I tried the bread pudding with a cup of chai.  I’m not used to the busy bustle of the city so it was a bit crazy, but it was nice to sit with nothing more to do then have a chat about snow tires for the Honda, check our email, and take a gander through the newspaper.


The bread pudding was really nice, not too much spice or too much sugar, really delicious.  The chai was just beautiful, and great for about half the cup……I think I like mine just a little bit sweeter.  Joe had no problem finishing it off for me.