They’re Growing Fast

The turkey poults we picked up as chicks on May 5th are three weeks old and getting big.  They are starting to fly up and out of their brooder and are going out into the baby pen tomorrow.

Chicks on Day 1 5/5
Chicks on Day 21 5/26
Chicks on Day 70 5/14

May Garden 2018

May 6: Planted 1 row De Vertus Marteau Turnip seeds
May 6: Planted 1 row Demi Long de Guernessey Parsnips seeds
May 6: Planted 1 row Baby Carrots seeds
May 6: Planted 1 patch Ronde Maraichere Mache (Corn Salad) seeds
May 6: Panted 4 Black Beauty Summer Squash seeds in the greenhouse
May 6: Planted 1 packet Gourmet Herb Mix seeds in greenhouse

May 7: Planted 6 Yukon Gold Potatoes – barrel at the end of the strawberry bed

May 13: First harvest  –  Broccoli and Lettuce

May 20: Joe set out the weed fabric for new squash berms

May 26: Planted pumpkins – Sugar and Pie(2), Rouge vif deEtempes(2), Queensland Blue(2), Jarrahdale(2)
May 26: Planted winter squash – Baby Blue Hubbard(2) and Buttercup(2)
May 26: Planted summer squash – Black Beauty(2) and Ronde de Nice(2)
May 26: Planted tomatoes – Green Zebra(1), Chianti Rose(1) and Persimmon(1)

May 27: Planted Sweet Basil starts from seed (in bed near chickens and barrel near cans)
May 27: Planted Lemon starts from seed (first bed left entering gate)
May 27: Planted Beet seeds (uphill end second bed left entering gate)
May 27: Planted Salem Rosemary at base of Peach tree
May 27: Planted Arp Rosemary (near barrel next to strawberry bed)
May 27: Planted Pepper starts from saved seeds in front of winter squash
May 27: Planted Yellow PattyPan Squash (near larch)
May 27: Planted Watermelon (barrel near strawberry bed)
May 27: Planted Lovage (upper back corner of bed near peach)
May 27: Planted Dill (hill next to cucumber can)

Lovin’ Craigslist

We also drove up to Orchards/Vancouver this afternoon to look at eight chairs that I found on Craigslist.

I’ve been looking for a set of Windsor chairs for several years and they usually have too tall of an arm to slide under our table.  These not only fit perfectly, but have a beautiful beeswax finish. The price was wonderful at less than $30.00 per chair.  There are 6 side chairs and 2 captain’s chairs.


New Turkeys – 2018

Today we drove down to Dallas to pick up our Heritage Blue Slate Turkey chicks.  They are so darn adorable – fuzzy little gray bodies with yellow heads.

A little update – – 7/14/2018
The turkeys are eleven weeks old and have moved out into their new enclosure. We pulled them out of the “teenager pen” late evening, clipped their wings and snuck them in to the hen house. Here’s hoping all goes well.