Decluttering January – One Day at a time

1: Get ready – make a plan – find a resource – 15 minutes per day (Thanks Taylor at Home Storage Solutions)
2: Area around the sink
3: Kitchen counter and island
4: Kitchen table (ours is in the dining room)
5: Kitchen utensils and gadgets
6: Pot holders & towels
7: Knives
8: Revisit the plan – evaluate
9: Silverware drawer
10: Kitchen junk drawer
11: Kitchen paper products
12: Food storage containers
13: Cabinet under the sink
14: Pots and Pans
15: Revisit the plan – evaluate
16: Bakeware
17: Canned food –
18: Spices
19: Boxed / Canned foods
20: Dried Bean / Rice / Pasta
21: Kitchen Cabinets
22: Lids for Pots & Pans
23: Refrigerator shelves
24: Refrigerator drawers
25: Garage refrigerator
26: Big Freezer
27: Small Freezer
28: Kitchen Desk
29: Above the Cabinets
30: Kitchen Pantry Cupboard
31: Party!





30 Days of Hygge – not necessarily in this order

  1. Make a proper hot chocolate with all the trimmings.
  2. Make a London Fog.
  3. Read a favorite book from childhood
  4. Start a book by a favorite author
  5. Start a book by a new author
  6. Bake bread and give a loaf to a friend
  7. Bake a new cookie recipe and take the to school
  8. Bake a pie for the lunch crew
  9. Hang a new string of fairy lights somewhere in the house.
  10. Go for a walk to gather pretty leaves, twigs, feathers, berries, flowers and nuts then make a nature mandala.
  11. Cosy up with a favorite film from your childhood.
  12. Go to a great movie with a friend
  13. Cook dinner with fresh herbs.
  14. Wear something woolly.
  15. Wear a warm sweater with comfy leggings.
  16. Dress the bed with fresh, clean, linens.
  17. Have an at-home facial.
  18. Have a pedicure.
  19. Fill the bird feeders.
  20. Have a candlelit bath.
  21. Blow the dust off your board games and spend an evening away from the TV.
  22. Try out a new farm shop
  23. Try out a new local restaurant
  24. Try restorative yoga
  25. Go for a nice walk
  26. Make a scented or beeswax candle.
  27. Find the perfect lightbulb for the bedside lamp.
  28. Start knitting a new scarf
  29. Start crocheting a washcloth
  30. Make a playlist for cooking dinner and eating