Sourdough Bread – Take 1

I finally decided that I needed to take the plunge and make a loaf of sourdough with my new starter.  I was a little anxious about it, but thanks to Emilie’s Sourdough Beginners Guide at the Clever Carrot I am feeling like I might be able to pull this off.

I tested my starter – it floated (a little?) and added some to the filtered water, olive oil and flour called for (see the site linked above for the recipe).  I let that autolyse for 30 minutes and then added the salt (grey fleur de see).  I’ve rigged up a little proofing area on the counter with a lamp and 60W bulb to see if I can warm things up a bit.

proofing SD2

Every 30 minutes I pull the dough up and fold it over on itself.  Pull and fold four times – with a ninety degree turn of the bowl each time then cover it back up and wait.  The folding and turning happens during the first two hours, then it’s just a long? wait until the dough is about 150% of the original volume.

I left it overnight in the refrigerator to proof.  It was puffy and lovely in the morning and  I left it until about the afternoon to bake.  I preheated the cloche to 450 degrees then side the dough in and popped on the cover.  It baked for 20 minutes and then I lowered the temperature to 400 degrees for another 20 minutes.  Lastly, I removed the top and cooked another 5 minutes.

IMG_1353 IMG_1354



Countryside Wandering & Thrifty Finds

Yesterday, we went out to Abbey Farm to pick up our milk – such nice people and such wonderful milk.  It’s a beautiful drive out past Molalla.  We asked them if there was a bakery nearby and they recommended a little Mexican-American bakery in Molalla called Las Delicious.  They didn’t have any loaves of bread, but we picked up some really tasty chicken tamales for lunches this week. We were still looking for bread so we stopped by Tammy D’s Cafe and Bakery in Mulino and picked up a nice loaf of sourdough.  Then a quick stop into Milk Creek Produce next door for some fruit and veg and back home for a Saturday house cleaning.

Sunday, I made my favorite outing to the two local thrift shops.  This week I found some wonderful things.

IMG_1344 I found a really nice antique lab measuring cylinder with a set of glass stir rods at the first shop and two raku tumblers at the second.  I also picked up a nice 1909 copy of The Pony Boys in the Rockies by Frank Gee Patchin.


The second shop also had several lovely handmade quilts; an Easter theme, a Sunbonnet quilt and a butterflies quilt.  They are all beautifully made and will make great baby gifts.  I do need to remove a few buttons and replace them with a little embroidery.

IMG_1346I also picked up a cute little hand thrown jam pot. It’s small size is nice for leaving jam out on the table without getting too old.



February – – Let’s Try this Again

Here’s what I’d like to have accomplished by the end of February.  Now January was a bust, so we’ll have to see if I can do a little better this month.

I baked: a great batch of scones
I preserved: my kiwi harvest
I tidied: the cupboards and chests in the living room
I deep cleaned: the washer and dryer
I purged: the video collection
I stockpiled: water?
I handmade: a batch of soap
I mended/fixed: the loosen pieces on the little blue and white quilt
I planted: some seed starts in the greenhouse
I harvested: maybe some herbs
I tried: my first sourdough lessons
I read: The Fifth Wave  and part of the Voltaire that I picked up at the thrift sop
I made a great meal of: all vegetables
I finally tackled: my spinning wheel