Clotted Cream



We had quite a bit of cream piling up and I ran into a wonderful new cookbook at the thrift store so I decided to combine the two and try my hand at clotted cream.  The book is called Forgotten Skills of Cooking by Darina Allen

img_9535-300x300The process of making clotted cream was time consuming (about 12 hours) but really easy.

  • I skimmed the cream layer off the top of the milk and put it into a heat proof casserole.
  • Then covered that with a layer of aluminum foil.
  • Next I popped it into a very cool (175 degree) oven for about 11 hours.
  • Before bed I took it out to cool a bit and then transferred it into the refrigerator overnight.
  • The next morning I scraped off the top layer that formed and popped it into the mixer for a quick whip up.
  • The liquid portion left behind was used to make some lovely scones.

Spring is Springing (Even though it’s still Winter)

IMG_3135This has been an uncommonly warm winter.  We ended the fall with some cold weather, but once solstice hit, the weather has been warm and very wet.  A couple of lovely warm, dry periods in February has brought out buds and the garlic has jumped up to almost 6″ already.


Last weekend , we picked up some kale, spinach and broccoli starts from the farm store ($2.39 per 6-pack), a new rhubarb plant, and three bales of pine shavings for the blueberry bed. The veg gardens had begun…..


This week we added a Culinary Bay ($12.99), Mint, Oregano, Sage ($1.99 each), a couple of artichokes ($1.88) Pak Joi, and Rainbow Chard ($2.39 each) to the gardens.  I also picked up a packet of Nasturtium seeds ($0.79) another of Dill ($0.79) to plant a little later.