Having Fun with a 25¢ Coconut

I found a cracked coconut this afternoon at the Grocery Outlet marked down to 25¢.  After looking around on Google for a little while I decided to try making coconut milk with it.  It was fairly easy and really quite fun.

  1. Crack open coconut.
  2. Use a table knife to separate the flesh from the shell.
  3. Peel off the dark skin using a knife or veg peeler (mine was too dull)
  4. Cut into small slices or pieces and place half in the blender with 1 cup water from the tea kettle.  Blend until no chunks show in the blender container (This took a couple of minutes with my Kitchenaid blender).
  5. Pour into a fine sieve and repeat with the rest of the coconut.
  6. Take small handfuls of the coconut from the sieve and squeeze to release more milk.  Place the coconut meat onto a sheet pan to dry for a couple of days.

I ended up with a sheet pan full of unsweetened, shredded coconut and a pint of coconut milk.  All of this for only a quarter.

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End of March – Storms and Bread Making

Today I decided to try two new recipes with my sourdough starter.

The first is Sourdough in Five Minutes a Day – – 

1 1/2 cup starter
2 14 cup water 

In the bucket, combine
1 1/2 T yeast
1 1/2 T salt
5 3/4 cup all-purpose flour

Stir the wet ingredients into the dry.  Cover lightly with the lid to the bucket and allow to rise (and perhaps fall) for 2 hours.  Place in the refrigerator overnight.

** Note (3/31/12) This is looking good.  It rose well and is in the refrigerator, fluffy and full of bubbles.  Tomorrow I’ll try to bake a loaf.



The Second is No Knead Whole Wheat Sourdough

1 cup whole wheat flour
2 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2 t salt

1/4 cup starter
1 1/2 cup water

Stir to combine, cover with plastic wrap and let set for 18 hours.

*** Note (3/31/12)  This did not work well.  It looked promising in the morning, but did not rise well in the proofing basket and stuck to the linen towel.  It deflated just before I put it into the cloche and never really recovered.  I ended up with a really flat loaf.

Spring Vacation 2012

I can’t believe March is almost over and I have been neglecting my blog so badly.  It seemed like I wasn’t doing anything new that anyone might be interested in hearing about.  The weather has also been a little rough – so much rain – and even a couple of snow events.  We rarely get any snow in Beavercreek in the winter let alone four inches on the second day of spring.

But spring vacation has started so maybe I’ll try some new things.  This morning I’ve spent time tending to the much neglected kefir, kombucha and sourdough cultures, hard boiling a dozen eggs and now I’m starting a batch of Greek yoghurt.  I’ll put a pot of brown rice on to soak and then straighten up the house a bit.  We’ve started a fire in the fireplace. Not news for most people, but we haven’t been able to for a couple of months.  We had the fireplace cleaned because it was smoking and it just got worse.  We thought it was a problem with our wood, but even a firelog smoked up the house.  Joe finally had time to call the chimney sweep back and they came out again to look at it.  This time they went up on the roof and found the problem.  The vents on our caps are pretty small and were clogged.  He cleaned them out and offered us a free cleaning next year for our trouble (with a recommendation that we, perhaps, replace the cap with one with larger vents) and now all is well.

We also, I neglected to share, picked up 5 Plymouth Barred Rock chicks a couple of weeks ago.  They are doing well and growing quickly.

March 2012 – Goals

I made a great meal of:  I just want to do something different.  We seem to have the same few things over and over.  I need to shake things up a little in the kitchen.

I baked: I want to make a new recipe from the Grand Central Baking Book.

I preserved: I’d like to try to make bacon.

I stockpiled: I still start looking for items to send off with my son to college next fall.

I handmade/started to hand make:  I think it might be fun to try to make some laundry detergent.

I repurposed: I’ll have to find something good at the thrift store.

I saved money by: Looking for scholarships and refinancing the mortgage.  We really need to get after the money issue.  The Federal financial aid department thinks we should contribute $27,000 per year for college – we don’t have that.

I sowed seeds/planted seedlings/cuttings of: I think this will be a good month for starting some scallions.

I harvested: AgainI still have turnips in the garden

I tried something new: I still want to try to rethread my loom and make a bookmark, spring break might be a good time for this.

I read and was inspired by: I’ve started a pile of dystopian novels.  I have four in the stack.

I finally tackled: I want to tackle our budget.  I want to get it organized, easy to enter figures into and something we will use to cart saving.

I really enjoyed: I want to really enjoy spring break without spending much.