Food Storage on a Budget – Week 2

3/24:  Soup Week

Purchase: The plan today is to hit Albertson’s sale to buy some cream soups for storage.  They have a reasonable price on cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup – 5 for $4.00 and I have an extra coupon for $0.40 off when I buy 3.  It’s not a great price, but it is within my $5.00 budget and is a start. Success!  Five cans of Cream of Chicken Soup for the Storage Pantry.

Soup and Seeds - total $4.89
Never forget the can opener in the emergency supplies....

Chore: I also want to locate an extra can opener.  I can stop by the Goodwill on the way home to look for one, but I think I’ll check the camping gear basket too, we may already have one. Found it – although I think something sturdier might be better.

Wish:  I may stop by Fred Meyer to make a list of seed that I would like to store and then find out how to store them long term.  I should have an extra $1.00 from my soup purchase and they are running a 40% off special on seeds right now.  I had enough left over from my soup purchase to buy a packet of Green Bean Seeds for $1.19.


Food Storage on a Budget – Week 1

3/23: The disaster in Japan has really made me think – about a lot of things. One of the questions I asked myself is about our families preparation for natural disasters, not necessarily of the magnitude of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/volcano/nuclear outgassing disaster, but even for a period of extended electrical outage…. Anyway, what I decided is that I needed to do a better job with our emergency kit (better than the nothing I have now) so I decided that I would start a post thread on the blogs outlining what I am trying to do each week to help create a decent emergency food supply for our family. I’m going to try to stay within $5.00 each week although that may have to be altered.

I started the first week with water. This was hard as I HATE THE WHOLE IDEA OF BOTTLED WATER, however, I can see the necessity of it in the event of an emergency, so I stuffed down my morals and made my first purchase.

Purchase: Albertson’s – 10 x 6 packs of Arrow Spring Water @ $1.00 each ($10.00 – $6.00 in coupons) = $4.00

pasta sealed with the Food Saver

Chore: I packaged the 24 packages of pasta that I had purchased at QFC for $12.00 into glass canning jars using the vacuum sealer.  I hope this will help to protect it from weevils or other varmints.

Wish: I need to find more information on the little packets that you can put in the jars with dry goods that help to control the moisture – more information soon.

The Beginning of the Garden: 3/19 -26

3/19 We finally got a semi-dry day so I was able to plant some broccoli starts that I picked up at Wilco – Green Comet.

Broccoli – planted March 19, 2011

The rhubarb is also beginning to push through the soil for spring. I hope it give us a good crop this year. Last year was its first year in the new bed. We transplanted it from the back garden where is wasn’t doing very well. I’m looking forward to some crisps and pies in a few weeks.

The first show of rhubarb

3/20:  No downpour again today so I decided to honor the first day of spring by doing a little gardening. I planted some spinach and carrot seeds and cleaned up the strawberry patch a little.

3/23:  Another dry (well not actively raining) day here in Beavercreek.  I finally got into the fruit yard to prune the raspberries. I trimmed out last summer’s branching canes, and cut back the new canes from last summer to the height of the top wire on the trellis.  I trimmed out the dead tops as well and now it’s pretty tidy.  Tomorrow I hope I’ll be able to weed quickly and top dress a little with some manure.

I cut the grapes well back in the winter to start training them properly.  They don’t have any buds yet, but I’ll keep an eye out.  The cherry tree is budding as is the queen anne cherry.  The cherry is huge, but the birds get every cherry every year – it’s too tall to cover so we have just learned to share.  As long as we get the blueberries, they can have the cherries.

Is Spring Springing?

This weekend has brought two signs of spring to the Beavercreek Backyard Farm – one of which I could really do without.  One Saturday morning at about 7:30, I heard the annual sounds of the *^&%#$ woodpecker slamming his beak into the metal chimney cap just above our master bedroom.  Is it bad that I want to kill him.  Yes he’s pretty and deserves to find the girly-bird that he seeks, but this is at least the fourth year that we have gone through this morning ritual. AHHHHHH.

The other sign I heard this morning.  The “gentle” croak of the tree frogs in the little pond in the front yard.  it sound like hundreds of them are out there, but I think it’s just one or two.

Can the spring hail storms be far away?

Food Storage Plan

Click on the title above to access the plan…..I’m going to try to spend under $5.00 a week on the groceries to store away.

3/24:  Joe was great today.  He set up some salvaged cabinets in the garage for me to store emergency canned goods.  I know it’s not ideal but it’s here, it’s free and I love it.

Salvaged Cabinets for Can Storage

Week 1 – $4.00 +1.00
Week 2 – $4.89 +2.11
Week 3 – $4.80 +3.31
Week 4 – $3.78 +4.53
Week 5 – $3.96 +5.57
Week 6 – $3.84 +6.73
Week 7 – N/A
Week 8 – $4.98 +6.75
Week 9 – $0.00 +11.75
Week 10 – $6.00 +10.75
Week 11 – made $2.00 +17.75
Week 12 – $5.88 +23.63