Organic Finds

10/20:  What a fantastic week this has been.  The weather is just beautiful; sunny, clear, crisp and clean.  I need to get the garlic in the ground.  Maybe I’ll tackle that Thursday as I’ve heard the rain is supposed to settle in for Friday.  Not much happening in the garden.  A few blushed tomatoes that I’ll bring in to ripen, a wayward chili turning red.

Fred Meyer has a fantastic deal right now so I can coupon and still stay green!  All of the First Generation Products are 50% off.  If you go to First Generations site and register, you can get $1.00 off on one and $2.00 off on two of several products.  I was able to purchase liquid dish soap for 74 cents and dishwasher soap for about $1.58 a box.  I wish I could find more great deals on these green products.  The sale runs through Saturday.

10/17:  Okay – I have a confession to make.  My goal of becoming more and more organic has taken a serious back seat to coupon shopping.  This may be due to the 15 days that my school district has cut this year to make up for budget shortfalls or the idea that my medical insurance has, once again taken a big jump during a recession and time of record profits.  I feel bad, but have moved over to the dark side.  I will still try to produce as much food as possible and garden organically, but I also need to understand that there are others like me, in the same “tighten the purse string” mode of survival.

So here’s how my day went………

I started by reading the Sunday paper (adds only so far) and perusing through my new favorite “frugality blogs” .  I made a list for Safeway, Bi Mart, Fred Meyer and Albertson’s.

Safeway – toilet paper 2.99 for 12 double rolls with in-store coupon and blinkie (that little one hanging on the shelf), onions were only 48 cents a pound and grapes were 99 cents a pound ( I know they’re from Chile and heavily sprayed, but the kids love them once in a while).  Now for the confession – I had to spend at least $10.00 to get the toilet paper coupon, so I bought the kids 2 boxes of pop tarts (OMG, they were only $1.88 for 12 of them).

BiMart – canning jar lids are 25% off and I had two $1.00 printable coupons so they were only 49 cents for each box.

Fred Meyer – Wow!  Tillamook cheese 2lb/$3.99, Tillamook yogurt 10/$3.00, Seattle’s best coffee $2.99 for 12 ounces with the FM sale and the coupon at the end of the aisle. Apples were only 78 cents a pound and they also have Rice-a-Roni for 69 cents a box ( I know – really high in salt).

Albertson’s – This was probably the worst (heath-wise) but it was a life saver when it came to making meals ahead.  I bought $20.00 worth of Pillsbury rolls and got a $5 refund.  I also had coupon and doubled some of them.

In the afternoon, I made freezer meals with the 10 pound of ground beef that I had.  We have Italian hamburgers (x1), Asian inspired hamburgers (x1), Beef empanadas (x2), Italian Beef in Pastry (x2), Mexican Beef in Pastry (x2), Italian Crescent roll-ups (x2), meatloaf (x2) and cheeseburger pie (x3).  So we ended getting 13 meals from the 10 pounds of beef combined with vegetables, cheese and Pillsbury rolls.  Not the healthiest bunch of meals ever, but when we get home from school and need to run out the door quick, they’re not too bad with a nice big salad.