In like a Lion – March 2014

We’ve had a cold rain storm blow in this weekend, so much rain that our old nemesis, the leaky kitchen window, has started up again.  We don’t have the time to mess around too much, nor the money to have someone else mess around so we come up with a solution to hopefully keep up dry until summer.  We already had one patio umbrella on the upper deck over the hot tub, and several more in the garage so we added more layers of umbrella, it’s an umbrella wonderland.  Hopefully this will help!

I’m also, now that parent-student loan #2 has started, trying to save as much as possible to pay it off faster.  I spent about $31.00 (saved about $45.00) today on the weekly groceries – let’s see what that bought.

2 pounds of hot Italian sausage
4 pounds of chicken wings
lamb neck bones
1 pound organic ground beef

4 romaine lettuce hearts
1 green bell pepper
3 bunches scallions
8oz mushrooms
2.5 pound bananas
1 package baby green beans

12 hard-boiled, peeled eggs
1 container creme fraiche (splurge!)
1 bottle salad dressing – free
large container yogurt
white cheddar cheese
yellow cheddar cheese
cinnamon rolls – free
food color

We should be able to Fix

  • sausage and spinach orzo for supper
  • scotch eggs  with cheesy potatoes for supper
  • chicken wings  with green beans for supper
  • hamburger pasta with salad for supper
  • breakfast burritos
  • egg salad for lunches
  • bone broth (lamb and chicken)
  • cinnamon rolls
  • yogurt / banana smoothies