Meal Planning Week 1

I decided to try my hand at meal planning now that retirement is officially kicking in. I’m quite bored with all of the things I normally cook and we found last spring we were eating take-out much more frequently than we should.

Decision #1 – Start with Supper. Planning all of the breakfasts, lunches and suppers seems a little overwhelming right now so I’m just starting with 7 nights of supper. I’m also not sure of the boys’ schedules so leftovers may take care of several lunches.

Decision #2 – Sick of our current dishes, I hit up the Hello Fresh website for inspiration and found the following very tasty looking recipes. Thanks Hello Fresh.

Decision #3 – Stay away from the grocery store.  I decided to take advantage of the introductory coupon at the local grocery for online ordering and delivery.  I saved $20 on the order, and delivery was free once I reached their monetary threshold.  I did, however, make the mistake of asking DH is we needed anything additional and he started going through the circular and adding additional items (what I’m trying to stay away from) – butter, Mac-n-cheese, yogurt….  The estimate on the order is $149.62 (aghhhhh) but that does not take into consideration some additional reductions – we’re hoping it’s closer to $85.00.  I’ll update the numbers after the order arrives.

Decision #4 – Prep everything after delivery.  I’ll post some photos when the food arrives.

I’ll also post the resulting dishes as I complete them each evening.

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