Declutter like a Mother & Declutter 365 – Jan 3

Todays task for Declutter 365 was focused on small appliances in the kitchen.

  • I took care of most of the clutter of the appliances last year, so I didn’t get rid of anything this year. I have places for everything to live and have been pretty careful and contemplative about new potential purchases.
2/2 – Small Appliances

Todays task for Declutter like a Mother was to continue focusing on the closets that don’t necessarily hold clothing  – clothing will come in later weeks.

  • Yesterday’s “closet clean” left me with some free space in a closet-cupboard. I moved the Yuletide decorations from the coat closet (cave in the back) into this space into some pretty boxes. I’m letting some things go and feel so much better about the things I’m keeping. The coat closet is clean now, the decorations are organized and the thrift shop will have some new items. * yes, that’s a spice rack in the coat closet – weird, I know.The top of one side is empty so I decided to fill it up today.

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