Declutter like a Mother & Declutter 365 – Jan 1

I’ve decided to try to double-declutter this year.  I never managed to finish last year, and things here at the backyard farm are just entirely too crowded with stuff.  I’m going to still try to stick with Declutter 365 which gives me 10 minute tasks once a day for a year.  These tasks are quick and easy!  For 2019 though, I’m going to add Declutter like a Mother which suggests 30 minute chores everyday for 30 days.

Todays task for Declutter 365 was focused on the area around the kitchen sink.

  • I took care of the clutter you’ve got around the sink – like sponges, the dish drainer, soap bottles and sponges – wiped out the sink and the countertop. This one was pretty easy.
Kitchen Sink Finished – D365 #1

Todays task for Declutter like a Mother was to focus on the bathrooms first – closets will come later in the week.  Allie suggests starting in the bathroom because those things tend to be unemotional – brilliant!

  • I just finished all three bathrooms! I thought this would be a breeze – I just decluttered last year. How did I miss so many ‘expires in 2011’ things? I got rid of things we haven’t used it in the last several months, got rid of some old makeup, reduced the number of bottles of shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes …etc. Aghhh. Well, a bag to the thrift shop, and a bag and a half of trash/recycling, things are feeling tidy and I’m feeling lighter.

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