The Outdoor Kitchen

It may be a bit of a stretch calling this an outdoor kitchen, but it used to have the Big Green Egg, a smoker and a BBQ/mini fridge.  In our decluttering summer of 2018, we decided to sell the smoker and a BBQ/mini fridge (neither worked well).

Today I hosed to ‘goo’ off of the patio and Egg table, organized the things that had been left out and put out a couple of little tables for repair or removal.  I still need to refinish the table and DH’s going to rework the dog kennel fence.  The grape arbor also needs to go it’s in the way now that this patio is not screened.  The big hope is to find a nice used hot tub and make a pad off this patio.  The hot tub used to be on a second floor deck over this patio, but we tore it off when we found some other problems last summer and had them repaired.

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