Taming the Garage – 2018

7/19:  I started the garage declutter/clean today with a couple of countertops.  Several items are ready to donate and others are put into the correct area (we tend to just set stuff down in the clear area whether or not it belongs there).

7/21: The garage declutter/clean continues today.  DH took a Subaru full to the Goodwill thrift shop this morning and I stacked up the bins of Yuletide lights to go to the storage shed.  I also cleaned out the garage refrigerator and we continued to remove items to either their correct “home” or remove them from the property.

7/22: And so it goes….another car-load to the Goodwill this afternoon. We had items from the storage shed we found when we took the Yuletide lights up, more arts & crafts, and even several bags of clothes and shoes from my oldest son. I love that the boys are getting in on this.

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