Summer’s coming to an End…..Preserving the Harvest

Today was a “get stuff done day” run awry.  I was going to finish the blackberry jelly and the fig & ginger jam I started last night, make a batch of fig honey, brine the salmon fillets, clean up the living room, add cabbage to the sauerkraut jug, make another batch of zucchini bread and a couple of types of pickles.

It went off course when I discovered we had run out of honey – no honey, no jam. So I knew I needed to run to the market.  DH came with but he wanted to stop for bagels (coupon) and return some shoes to REI (I love them – so nice and helpful).  We went to four markets before we finally found some fresh dill for the pickles and finally got back home at about 2:00 – so much for cleaning the living room.

We had to stop back at the house to pick up DS18’s french horn for its annual chemical cleaning and I made the mistake of hopping on Craigslist to look for Weck Jars (my obsession).  I found a vintage Weck electric canning/sterilizing pot for only $70.00.  It was old, but had been a display in a shop years ago and then put into storage and never used.  We made the detour to pick up the canner – only problem, we had driven the Electric car thinking we were only running to drop off the horn.

Long story short (not really) we had to find a charging station to get home – the three we found were all broken, the Blink help line was not helpful, we finally found a station in the next town, had to goof around in the store for 30 minutes waiting to charge and finally arrive back home (still with the horn) at 5:00.  Aghhhhhhh.  I had wasted the entire day.

I did manage to clean out the refrigerator that DS23 had stuffed while we were on vacation and get a few things started:

  • the salmon is in the brine
    • 1 quart water
    • 1/3 cup kosher salt
    • 1 cup brown sugar





  • another cabbage has been added to the sauerkraut jug
  • the fig honey (actually a thick syrup) is cooked down and draining
    • 1 large pot of very ripe figs – cleaned and quartered
    • water to cover
      • cook for about 1.5 hours and drain
      • reduce the liquid to a syrup





  • two pork tenderlion and on pork loin are in the Canadian Bacon Brine
    • 1 quarts water
    • 2 cups Morton Tender Quick (cure)
    • 2 bay leaves
    • 1 spring sage
    • 2 sprigs thyme
    • 5 smashed cloves of garlic

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