Summer Vacation Day 21: Decluttering the Homestead

Well, we had another water problem at the homestead.  This time a leaking downspout, left unknown and unattended, created a patch of dry rot.  I was pulling out the wall of the screen porch when I discovered the problem.

For the repairs, we’ll have to take out a bit of the hot tub deck.  The good news is that the hot tub hasn’t worked in three summers now so this was a good reminder to get rid of it – to begin the Homestead Declutter.  DH took a chain saw to it and it was gone by late afternoon.  The deck will be rebuilt with less of a drop from the existing roof deck.

We also decided to create easier access for the repairs and reduce the number of areas that we must water by moving the two raised beds from the backyard to the kitchen garden – the old pig and chicken yard.  The strawberries were transplanted into one box and the other, when we get a little extra soil, will be planted with vegetable.


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