Summer Vacation Day 8: Pantry Clean-up

The Pantry has become the “go-to” spot for stuffing any item related to canning, brewing, fermenting, food, cleaning and snacking at our house.  It’s a mess and really hard to find anything. So this morning, I decided to do a little make-over.  I removed items that don’t belong in the pantry (curling ribbon spools, old boxes from the grocery), reorganized the canning jars on the high shelves and put away some of the pasta boxes on the cupboard (into glass jars in the kitchen – no bug wanted here).

I reorganized organized the pantry cupboard putting pasta/pasta sauces, asian condiments/noodles, Tex-Mex masa/salsa/bean, baking item in groups.  I’m hoping this will be a bit more inspiring when it comes to choosing what to cook next.

The kitchen pantry cabinet is finished……The lower half holds breakfast cereals/nuts/dried fruit, pasta, grains, legumes and tuna all sealed up in jars. The upper part holds cereal, crackers (way too many) nut butters, vinegars and nuts.  The doors are lined with blackboard contact paper – great for keeping recipes or grocery lists.


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