Summer 2017 Day 1: Congratulations Kiddo

We had a small, family get together today to honor the high school graduation of our youngest son.  He will be studying music performance and music education at Portland State University in the fall on a music scholarship.

The weather was forecast into the high 90’s for the day, so we decided to abandon the barbecue idea and just go for some really nice, sliced ham, an assortment of artesian breads, some great salamis and several big, delicious wedges of cheese.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, and assortment of ships and crackers helped keep preparation simple and our favorite 7th Heaven Cake from JaCiva’s Bakery made it special.

Apparently, graduation decorations can not be purchased in June, at least in this area, so we had to improvise.  We used his graduation robe and sash in the entry and his diploma and mortarboard were displayed on the sideboard.  It’s amazing what you can do with curly ribbons. We used his school colors, hanging colorful ribbons from the light fixtures and the candlesticks……..

…….A nice homemade congratulatory banner was decorated with more curly ribbons.  This one was easy, I just hand lettered the message on some pieces of wood that I found in the clearance section of the craft store……..

………..The curly ribbons even made their way outside, joined by even more brightly colored ribbons – just to add a little festive color to the back yard.  Vintage quilts on the tables and lawn chairs and a galvanized tub full of icy cold drinks made the party feel county casual but festive…….


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