Our Cider Mill is finally Home – and in Need of Repair

Almost 20 years ago, we found a beautiful, old cider mill and press that someone wanted out of their backyard.  We offered them $85.00 and managed to get it into the truck and home.  We cleaned it up and it lived inside for a few year (mostly in the way), eventually making it out into the garage when our apple trees got big enough to make pressing viable.  It was still in the way so we made the decision to lend it to an environmental learning center in a neighboring school district until we had a better place for it.  We would take our apples there to press, they could use it for their harvest celebrations with kids, and they would see if they could find someone to fix the legs which were deteriorating.  Severl years on, we have never been able to coordinate getting our apples there, the kids love it, and the repairs have not happenes, if anything it’s worse (not their fault, just happend) so we’ve decided to bring her home.  What follows will be posts of our attempts at fixing her up back to the glory something that beautiful deserves.  This post will be the “before”.


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