April (and her showers) coming to and end

Another weekend is coming to a close.  It’s been a busy one.

On Thursday afternoon I picked up a few more vegetable starts for the kailyaird.  I put broccoli, red cabbage, green cabbage, Hubbard squash, acorn squash, round zucchini, patty pan squash, fava beans, and another eggplant in the beds and planted a couple of pickling cucumbers in an old galvanized garbage can.  The onion starts still need to be planted as does the dill plant.   I also found a sweet little lavender on clearance that I need to find a pot for.

Saturday morning we rushed out to Forest Grove, OR for the OSAA State Solo/Ensemble Competition.  Our youngest had placed first in the district competition and was competing for the state title.  He played really well , coming 6th in the field of 21.  We were really proud of how well he did.

On the way home from the competition, Saturday, we  stopped by the farm to get milk.  I finally was able to get a photo of the dairy cow.  She’s lovely.

Down the road a bit, we stopped in Canby and picked up three peppers (chilis) – yet to be planted.  We also bought three nasturtiums for the window boxes.  I added some Romaine lettuce to the boxes and sprinkled around some additional nasturtium seeds.

Sunday morning we did a little grocery shopping and stopped by a thrift shop.  I found a really beautiful 1948 copy of Dante’s Divine Comedies, a beautifully carved pottery bowl, a Mahor face mug for Joe’s collection and a few wonderful candles.  I also bottled the hot sauce that’s been fermenting since October.

In the afternoon, we trimmed the water suckers from the apple and pear trees – probably no the right time of year, but Oh Well.




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