Crazy Weather and I Love It!

We are in the middle of our 4th weather event of the season.  The snow from New Year hasn’t finished melting and we had more snow today and freezing rain is predicted for tomorrow.  The odd thing about it is that any snow/ice event in the Willamette Valley is pretty rare – let alone 4 in one winter season.

This morning I drug DH out to the Eastmorland Golf Club to an After Christmas Sale of hand thrown pottery from one of my favorite artists – Debbie Dean.  We left early to get there and back home before the snow.  I found a wonderful bowl and a small platter with a sheep (on the right in the photo) and was pleased to meet the artist who told me the reason the items were seconds – the bowl  has glaze on one side that got a bit too warm and is rougher (like a salt glaze), the plate is just an older piece.


We got home after the snow started, built a fire, made a pot of soup and settled in for a storm, “The Storm of the Century” if you pay attention to the local news.  We did pick up another inch of snow, but the temperatures didn’t get as low as expected so our ice forecast for tomorrow isn’t as dire as they once thought.  We should have ice for a few hours and then plain rain should take over mid morning – if that’s true, school’s will be open and everything back to normal by Monday morning.  Meanwhile, I leave you with the last shot of our beautiful snow……



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