Yuletide Tree

We drove out into the just-above-freezing-rain today to find our Yuletide tree.  We found a lovely Norman Fir at the farm where we have kenneled Kenton – really nice people.  Hubby   trimmed off the bottom branches to bring it above the height of two wild and wooly dog tails.  That way they don’t beat all of the ornaments off of the tree.

We brought the tree in and set it into a 5 gallon bucket inside a large, antique crock. This way the trimmed up tree bottom doesn’t look too odd.  The crock is also big enough to hide the bright orange 5 gallon bucket.



15385528_755264071298617_4203137941059940640_oOnce the tree is centered and straight, we filled up the bucket with gravel and added some water.  Last year, we tried using sand – big mistake.  The water didn’t percolate into the sand quickly enough and overflowed into the crock which has a hole at the bottom.  The water leaked into the carpet and was really stinky when we found it a week later.


We decided to let the tree dry a bit and warm up a little overnight before adding the lights.  In the morning it was nice and dry, the lights went up, then the wooden ‘cranberry’ garland, some antique tin icicles and finally the unbreakable ornaments.  We decided to forego the glass ornament this year  – the new puppy is a little rambunctious.

  •  a little update…..we’ve had to move one felt bird, Maizey thinks they look like dog toys.






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