Hyggeing the House – The Bedside Table



The table beside my bed is one of my favorites.  I love the color, the weathered patina, the size……but it was hidden under all of the things that I felt like I needed to help me relax and sleep better.  There was my alarm clock, my book, my Kindle, my diffuser, my scented candles, my box to hold my wedding ring at night, essential oils, and even a basket of random junk.


img_0016I moved the alarm clock to the other side of the bed, put the random junk away, found room in the drawer for my Kindle and book as well as the extra essential oils.  Now it’s tidy and restful with my slippers neatly tucked under the bed and my knitting basket waiting under the table. Ahhh Hygge.




December 30th – Bringing in the Boar

pigDay 11 of the Yuletide celebration is for “Bringing in the Boar.” There is a tradition dating back to the 15th Century of bringing in the head of a boar after the hunt; oaths were sworn on it, and they were as binding as any taken. Tonight we are reminded of the strength of our word and the strength of our heart.

For the penultimate night of Yule, we toast the Great Boar himself, as a symbol of the wildness of nature. Carefully consider your oaths and resolutions; and consider, too, the thing that you will “hunt” in the new year. What will you seek for you and your family? What will you do that brightens your life and the lives of others?

December 29 – Honoring Spirits of Hearth and Home

Yuletide continues and on this tenth day we honor the Spirits of the Home and Hearth – asking them to watch over our home and tools and to light our way through the year to come.

Work is customarily set aside for the Yuletide celebration, and as it draws to a close, this is the day to begin preparing for things to be done; sorting yarns and fabrics, looking over stores of herbs and spices, sharpening the knives.
At our home, the Yule tree has made it’s way outside to serve another few weeks as a light in the darkness, the decorations are being carefully packed away and the common rooms are returning to their usual selves.

The pups are tuckered out on the floor near the fire and leftovers from our feasting are being tucked away into the freezer.  Last night’s Roast Beef  with gravy,  along with the roasted potatoes and carrots will become a beef pot pie using leftover pie dough.  Some of the leftover ham and cheeses has gone in to a Cheesy Potato Casserole for breakfast.  I have more ham to freeze and a turkey thawing in the garage for tomorrow nights supper.


December 28 – The Evergreen’s Night

Today is the ninth night of Yuletide, a night that honors the Evergreen. Even as the Earth lays quiet and dark, devoid of life, we remember that, as with the evergreen, hope springs eternal It reminds us of promises kept and the spirit of renewal as the days grow slowly brighter. This sentiment seems especially important to me this winter, as the world outside seems pretty bleak, I find my self drawing inward more – to my home, my family, my good friends, and my beliefs. Tonight’s candle will be in celebration of the Evergreen and in celebration of our 27th wedding anniversary ~ drinkhail.trees

December 27th – Celebrating the Snow

The eighth day of Yule is traditionally titled a “Celebration of Snow.” We seem to have returned to more normal temperatures around here, with no new beautiful, white snow. There are signs of winter; trees are barren, our backyard creatures (squirrels and various birds) aren’t nearly as busy as in the summer. Even without the iconic symbol of winter, nature goes through the same cycle of rest.
So for today, I’ll light a candle and be thankful for the turning of the wheel that supports all life. I’ll be thankful for the snow in the mountains, thankful for the water it returns to the earth for the summer and thankful for our cozy home that shields us when winter decides to blast.snow