Samhain – A time for honoring the past and planning for the future

Samhain marks the time when the warmth of summer is ended and the cold and dark  of winter are nearly here.  Winter brings a chance for every seed and soul to find rest and renewal, to start fresh when spring returns. We’re tucking in for winter, with roaring fires, knitting socks, baked squash, and cozy down comforters.

Samhain starts at dusk on the 31st.  The night is the time to honor relatives and friends that have passed and to honor our traditions.  We feast and meditate, and sleep well ,wrapped warm in our beds.

Samhain continues through dusk on the 1st .  Morning brings a time to cleanse, clear the cobwebs, smudge the home with white sage and clear away the year past. I write a list of the things in my life I’d like to be rid of, or see transformed, and burn it in a fire or in a fireproof bowl, and scatter the ashes to the wind…


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