After the Equinox – Still Harvesting

Alban Elfed (autumnal equinox) has come and gone and autumn has fallen into the Willamette Valley.  Mornings are cool and damp, the rains have begun and tomatoes hang beautiful and green without a chance of ripening. This morning marked the end of the third week back to school – time is just flying by.  I went out the the garden and picked our first, and what will probably be our last, harvest of the year.  The cucumbers are doing well and the eggplants gave a decent harvest, the tomatoes, corn and zucchini went in too late for much of a crop although I was able to get a single red tomato and three very small harvest September 2016

The basil was lovely so I made a batch of walnut, parmesan pesto.  Most went into ice cube trays in the freezer, but the scrapings are going into the spaghetti sauce that I made from my friend Harold’s tomatoes – thank you Harold, for taking pity on my meter garden.img_2081

Last weeks apples from the market are on the stove becoming applesauce and a quart of last weeks milk is cooling before I add a starter culture for yoghurt.


Most exciting, however, is my Havarti.  I made this in July and have waiting for it to ripen.  It is a bit crumbly, had a little mold to cut out , and isn’t entirely pretty, but IT TASTES LIKE CHEESE!!!!!img_2083