Summer Vacation Day 61 – hot sun and hard work

This morning marked two weeks for the Early Gravenstein peelings soaking in a light syrup (1/4c sugar to 1 quart water).  They have been bubbling nicely for days, but have recently slowed down so I strained out the peelings, recovered the jar and left it to finish fermenting into cider vinegar in a dark corner of the kitchen. A second jar, from the Akane apples, has a while yet and is bubbling happily.


We tried to tackle two other jobs today – getting a start on the new hen house and finishing the wood shed for the season.

DH was able to get about 5 cords of wood and he and the boys stacked it all.  My job is to come in at the end, move things a little, pick up the messy stuff and lay down a layer of chips before the rains turn it into a mud hole.  We may still try to make some type of roof for the extension that he had to put together to handle the extra wood, but that will come a little later.

While I was cleaning up the wood shed, DH was taking out fencing from the old fruit garden and moving things around so that he can get a start on the hen house.  He made good head way in the heat and this evening we moved three more blueberry plants – not a good time of year for this, but we had to do it.


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