Summer Vacation Day 57 and 58 – Restoring the Loom

The weather forecast is showing temperatures in the 90’s for the next several days so early morning chores outside give way to indoor chores in the afternoon and evening.

I’ve started refurbishing the loom that I have never used.  I’m hoping that as I take it apart, clean and repair it and reassemble the parts, I will have a better understanding of how to use it.  It’s pretty clear that this point that it is homemade and I will never find instructions so I’m trying to figure out each section – what it is, and how it should be working.  I began with the treadles.  They were dry, have some water damage and the hardware was a hodgepodge of this and that.  I disengaged the chains, removed the hardware, waxed the treadles and put on new eye-bolts, washers and nuts.


After the treadles, I removed the chains and the odd assortment of wires from the lamms.  The assembly is on the left side, containing four lams and three spacers held together by a long bolt and nut.  The whole thing was really floppy with too much empty space on the bolt.  I took it all apart, removed some added hooks, waxed the lams, and put the assembly back together using eight washers to take up the extra space.



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