2016 Chicks

We started a new bunch of chicks a few months ago (they came May 25th) and I realized that I never made a post to remember when they came and what types of chickens they are.

The Parents: The roos in the pen have blue genes (Easter Egger, cream legbar, or isbar) and the hens were several colors of Maran. We should get  olive eggers and some mixes of Easter Egger, Olive Egger,  Cream Legbar, and Isbar.

When the chicks arrived, they were 4 weeks old so that means they should be about 3 months now.

2016 chicks 2
The one on the right looking at camera looks like Cream Legear. The two grey are probably Isbar (hen and roo) and the three that are black or brown seem to be Copper Maran crosses.

2016 chicks


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