Summer Day 45 – Markets and Such…..

The last day of July and we spent the day at the Sunday Market in Milwaukie, trying to pick up milk at the farm, canning and cleaning.  The milk pick up was a bust, the gal that owns the cow is out of town and her boy isn’t separating the calf from the cow so he won’t need to milk her.

The market was great.  We picked up some beets, onions, green beans, kale, cantaloupe, and parsley.  The apple folks had a few new varieties this week – Early Gravenstein, Akane and Strawberry Apples.  I’m going to make some single variety applesauce with each – maybe just 2-3 pints of each.

The green beans were on special so we picked up four bags – some for supper and the rest were for canning.  I decided to cold-pack them, added hot water and 1/2 teaspoon of salt and pressure canned them for 20 minutes.


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