Summer Vacation Day 34 – Let’s Get Something Done Day

I woke up this morning to blue skies – FINALLY!  It’s been a very dreary summer so far.  So I bounced out of bed, came downstairs and decided it was a good day to accomplish  several things that have been waiting around for me……

I took care of the most immediate dairy needs.  The cream needed to be separated , the milk bottled, and a new batch of clotted cream started.  I heat the milk in a low,wide pan at about 180F for 10 hours or so, let it cool overnight in the refrigerator, skim off the top layer and whip it up in the mixer. (I’ll add more photos to the gallery as the process moves along).

The next job was applesauce.  DH and I purchased some lovely early season Lodi apples (and this year early is really early) at the Farmer’s Market in Milwaukie, Ore on Sunday without tasting.  They have a lovely, tart taste, but are really soft.  After a little research I found out that they are a great apple for making sauce with, so sauce it is.  For two dollars, we should end up with four jars of beautiful, unsweetened applesauce.  I just peeled and cored them (I kept those bits for cider vinegar), cooked them down with a little water, ran it through a food mill and popped the sauce into jars.  I’m processing the jars for 20 minutes in the steam canner.

The next task on the agenda was wiping down the Havarti – I’ve developed a mold problem.  I tried brine, but it keeps coming back so today I decided to try white vinegar.  Hopefully I can get this under control.

Next, I’m going to go out to the garden to move a couple of blueberry plants from the berry garden to the new Kailyaird (kitchen garden).  They aren’t doing well where they are – not a single berry from 10 bushes.

*** Added

The two berry bushes are transplanted and watered well in.  I’m hoping they all make it.  This isn’t probably the best time of year to be moving them, but it’s when we have time and we’re not getting any berries anyway.


The new wine fridge that does’t seem to get very cold got a scrub out with vinegar and I put in one of the cheeses I made last week to test out the temperature and humidity for aging cheese.

I also decided to take advantage of the sunshine and scrub the outside of the greenhouse – at least the parts I can reach.  I’ll have to check in with DS tallest to finish up the roof for me and ask DH to kill the wasp nest in the corner.


DH came home and I convinced him to help me to transplant an old rhubarb stump into the new garden.  It may live, it may not, but it’s better off than where it way in the deep shade of the back yard.


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