Summer Vacation Day 33 – Getting Back to Normal

The last week has been a little trying here on the Backyard Farm.  Our lovely Mastador, Kenton, got vey ill and we almost lost him.

Kenton - the Mastador 2013
Kenton – the Mastador 2013

On Wednesday, last week, Kenton stopped eating and then on Thursday started throwing up and developing diarrhea with blood in it – a lot of blood.  I took him in to the vet on Thursday afternoon and he was diagnosed with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.  He was treated with antibiotics and some puppy Pepto and we went home.  On Friday, he still wasn’t eating and threw up the yogurt that I tried to syringe feed him so we went back to the vet.  They x-rayed his gut and found no obstructions so they gave him an anti-nausea injection and sent us back home.  On Saturday, he still wasn’t eating and was very depressed and lethargic.  Even more worrying, he wasn’t drinking much.  I had read that dogs with this condition can present as hydrated, even as their blood is thickening, and that IV hydration early is recommended.  I took him to another vet (ours was closed) and they hydrated him for 6 hours.  He came home is much better spirits and finally took 1/4 cup of white rice from my son’s hand.  That was the turning point.  He is now up to almost three cups of rice, chicken and yogurt a day – spread over several meals.  He no longer needs his anti-nausea medication and is playing with his buddy Maizey.

Needless to say, not much happened around here while I was on “sick-doggie watch” and DH was teaching summer school and attending the Nation Drivers Safety Conference.  We did manage to get out today, finish a couple more sections of pickets on the garden fence, transplant a couple of blueberry bushes and fertilize the vegetable and the herbs in the greenhouse.  I’ll try to get a few photos tomorrow.


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