Summer Vacation Day 25 – Work, work, work…..

Today I popped out of bed at 8:00 ready to tackle my nemesis, the pork shoulder arm picnic roast.  I have never been great at roasts – they always turn out really fatty and greasy.  This time I was pretty resigned that the dogs were going to have a treat, but I tried anyway.  I scored the skin and applied a rub of salt, pepper and oregano then into the oven it went at 250F.  I checked it at about 2:00 and the internal temperature was 195 degrees.  It was delicious.  The skin did crisp as much as I had hoped but I didn’t crank up the heat and try to crisp it either – we were busy in the Kailyaird by that point.  We pulled it off the bones and had nice chunks of roast for supper and the dogs had some slightly chewy cracklings for us to practice their safety word with (the weird word that they will drop anything for and immediately for).

Dear Husband was off to teach summer school this morning, but a power outage at the school sent him back early to work some more on the garden.  Yesterday we had about 20 yards of chips delivered so today he was able to add another 4’x8′ raised bed to the garden, but also to spread even more mulch on the paths.  While he was working on that, I was able to use the shop vac to blow loose gravel off of most of the driveway.  It was getting so bad I thought I was going to slide on it and take a spill down the drive. Tomorrow I’ll need to finish filling the new bed, plant a few squash in it, put it a couple more tomatoes and pumpkins and hopefully finish one more section of pickets on the fence just to the left of the gate.

garden 3

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