Summer Vacation Day 6 – Fridge Declutter

Our refrigerator seem to quickly get overstocked and underused and, since we had the third broken pipe with all of the mold, bits of mold start showing up too frequently.  Ever couple of week I give it a really good clean out and today was the day.

fridge cean

The top shelf has the homemade salad dressings, yogurt and jam as well as some ghee I made last week.  The next shelf down has maple syrup and some marinades and mayonnaise that I made this week along with some pickles (mine are terrible, so I buy those). The next shelf has the drinks.  It’s odd to see the milk jug there, we usually by raw milk, but we ran out in the middle of the week.  The bottom has some chicken bone broth that I made and the chicken pieces that I made it from. There is also a box with my son’s birthday cake from a local bakery – Seventh Heaven Cake.  It’s fantastic!


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