Summer Vacation – Day 1

Summer Vacation has finally arrived – along with rain, a bit hail and some lightning.  I have so much to accomplish this summer.  There is purging and cleaning and repairing to do inside,  There is weeding and pruning and planting and mulching to do outside.  There is summer work to be done in the library, a loom to be repaired, spinning and knitting and weaving to be mastered.  In the kitchen, cheese, bread, preserves, sauces, and pickles need to be made and above all, a puppy to be trained.

Today started slowly. Maizey, the puppy, was spayed last Friday and still needs to be watched so she doesn’t exuberently split her stitches.  She’s also not house broken yet so there were many, many trips outside.

I got started on two projects, one for school (the library catalog) and one for home (the Dining room breakfront).  I was able to finish the fiction section, authors A through G, going through the call numbers and organizing the book series.  I also cleaned out the breakfront but didn’t manage to finish putting things back into it (I need to rig up the shelving a little better so it doesn’t collapse) – maybe I’ll finish tomorrow.

In the kitchen, I am working on reviving my neglected sourdough.  It smells very boozey right now.  I’ll keep feeding it and see if I can bring it back.  I also started some chicken bone broth this morning.  I’ll let it hang out overnight in a low crockpot and strain it in the morning.



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