Spring Holidays – – – Lazy Days

I love Spring Holidays.  I get to sleep in.  I get to tinker around the house….

Today I woke up around eight and went downstairs to check the chicken incubator.  The temperature had jumped up to 105 over night – way too high.  I’ve spent the rest of the day getting it to settle back to 101, but it still is doing a little too much fluctuating.  I’m hoping tomorrow will be a little better.


I finished up the kiwi jam later in the morning.  The kiwi had been harvested from our vines in January, after the first freeze.  The mixture I made on Sunday had jelled pretty well without the addition of any pectin so I just gave it  a quick blitz with the hand blender to break up the big chunks and then set it back on the heat to boil.  I used my steam canner and some really pretty Weck tuple jars.  I ended up with 6 half pint jars of some really tasty, slightly tart preserves.


I did take one shopping trip today to pick up some herbs and onion sets at the local farm store and a few nice things at the thrift shop.  My favorite was a 1953 edition of Wild Flowers of America.  It has 400 beautiful, full color plates, descriptions and an identification key.  I also found a wonderful old basket with a hand-carved handle.


In the afternoon, I straightened up the living room, watched a couple of episodes of  Monarch of the Glen and took a little nap.  I really love vacation naps.


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