The beginning of the Spring Holidays

It’s been a busy start to the Spring Holidays this weekend.  We started Saturday morning with a drive out further in to Beavercreek to pick up a gallon of still warm goat milk.  At home, I added a few drops of rennet and wrapped up the pot in a quilt to hold the heat.  After six hours I still had no curd so I got impatient and added some calcium chloride and a bit more rennet.  I finally had enough curds to scoop at about eight in the evening and let it drain overnight.

IMG_1414 IMG_1425

On Sunday, I flipped the cheeses, salted them a bit and left them to drain a bit more.  By afternoon, Decided to put a light weight on one and just continue draining the other unweighted.  I’ll leave them overnight and then pop them into the refrigerator.  I even made a little ricotta with the whey.


While the cheese was draining, HH and I ran in to Portland to do a little shopping.  After breakfast at Toast (good, but not great) we stopped at the Goodwill Thrift Store where I found a sweet little pottery piece and a display unit for my school library.

IMG_1418On the way back out to Beavercreek, we found an estate sale that was close to sold out.  I picked up several Franklin Mint edition copies of some classics for 50 cents each as well as a wooden drying rack and a 1907 copy of Natural School Geography – Oregon Edition.

IMG_1419 IMG_1420 Our last stop was my favorite Goodwill Thrift Shop in Milwaukie where I found a hand made pottery colander, a fireplace grate, a wool pillow and a trumpet mute that was hiding among the pots and pans in the kitchenware section.

IMG_1423This evening I baked off the sourdough loaves I had started Saturday morning and made a big pot of chicken noodle soup and started turning some kiwi I had peeled into jam.  Now we’re hanging out watching movies – the new Bond movie (not very exciting yet).

IMG_1427Tomorrow, we’re off to Washington to pick up some fertile eggs for the “chickabator”.  We hope to get a mix of Olive Eggers and Easter Eggers.

IMG_1421 IMG_1422


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