January Goals – :{

On My…… I didn’t do very well on my January goals.  Maybe a few will have to spill over to February. A nasty bout of lingering bronchitis brought things to a screeching halt for the second half of the month.

I baked: a great batch of scones – Nope, but I did make my first loaf of sourdough with my new starter.
I preserved: my kiwi harvest – Still in the fridge in the garage
I tidied: the laundry room – maybe today?
I deep cleaned: the washer and dryer – Nope
I purged: the yarn I will not use – I did do this, it went off to the high school knitting club
I stockpiled: rice and beans – Some rice, no beans
I handmade: a batch of soap – I thought about this a little
I mended/fixed: the loosen pieces on the little blue and white quilt – :{
I planted: vegetable garden plan – :{
I harvested: maybe some herbs – :{
I tried: ukulele lessons – :{
I read: The fifth wave I switched to The Living by Matt de la Peña – I did read The Living and will finish up Enchanted today
I made a great meal of: all vegetables – :{
I finally tackled: the treadle sewing machine The treadle is torn so I think I’ll work on the sock knitting board first – :{ and :{

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