Preparing for Emergencies – Lighting

We are in pretty good shape for emergency lighting.  We lost our power on New Year’s Day, a few times.  When I woke up at 5am it was really dark, really dark.  I snuck downstairs to turn on a few battery candles so the boys spending the night didn’t trip over anything.  They were great, just the right amount of light – enough to see, but not too much to sleep.  It got me thinking about how ready we are / aren’t in case of these short term emergencies……..let’s start with light.

IMG_1280We have several flashlights, a couple of battery lanterns, and some electric candles.  We need to find some better batteries and look for a good way to store them.




antique oil lamps

antique oil lamps

We also have 4 antique kerosene lamps and a bunch of regular candles in addition to a lot of supplies for making more candles. In addition, all of the boys have head lamps from camping.

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