20 Weeks of Food Storage – Week 1 – Planning

I was popping around some blogs about preparing a food store and ran in to the WeeHavyn blog and her ideas about creating a food store, not for the end of times, but for a cushion against unforeseen happenings – house problems, unexpected bills, illnesses.

The basic idea is to make a list of items and amounts and, each week, to purchase and store those item.  I will also be using my store and replacing as need be.

I decided to use this week to take a look at what I already have in storage and figure out where my needs are.

We have quite a bitIMG_1254 of flour stored away in canning jars – white, whole wheat, pastry.  I dry canned and sealed it in the oven so it should be good for quite a while.  We have about 35 quarts in total.


We also have a number of pints of tomato sauce – it looks like about 23 pints


My To Do List – from based on the article: 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan.

1.  20 pounds of Rice.
2.  20 pounds of Pinto Beans.
3.  20 cans of Vegetables.
4.  20 cans of Fruit.
5.  20 cans of Meat.
6.  4 pounds Oats.
7.  2 large jars of Peanut Butter.
8.  2 large jars of Tang or other powdered drink mix.
9.  5 pounds of Powdered Milk.
10.  5 pounds of Salt.
11.  10 pounds of Pancake Mix.
12.  2 pounds of Honey and 2 large jars of Jam.
13.  10 pounds of Pasta.
14.  10 cans or jars of Spaghetti Sauce.
15.  20 cans of Soup or Broth.
16.  1 large jug of Oil.
17.  Spices and Condiments.
18.  5 pounds of Coffee or 100 Tea Bags.
19. 2 large bags of Hard Candies.
20.  Mini LED Flashlight and Extra Batteries.


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