End of September

It was a busy weekend about the backyard farm.  Saturday we picked up milk at the farm and did a bit of shopping.  While we were out, our oldest son noticed that Frodo, the little goat, wasn’t looking as spry as usual.  We cam home, called a bunch of vets (most of whom are closed on Saturday) got some advice from a lovely goat rental owner, cleaned out the goat pen, and sat around for an hour waiting to see if Frodo could poo.  After a long wait, I got really bored and decided to give Frodo a bit of a belly jiggle and low-and-behold, out came poo.  He seemed okay so we headed in for supper.  Then we settled in for a evening in front of the first really nice fire of the fall.

white goat

Sunday was even busier.  We started out taking a few garage leftover to Aunt J and Uncle D’s house.  We’ve been there a hundred times and somehow managed to get lost and were late – silly.  Then we stopped  by our instrument repair guy with the new French Horn to get it chem-cleaned.  This was followed by stops at several thrift shops and a lovely lunch of fish and chips. jug

In the afternoon, I picked a bucket of apples and brought them inside to process.  First I peeled and sliced them for the dehydrator.


Then I took the scraps to the garage to try out my new fruit press.  We didn’t get a lot of juice, but not bad for just a pile of scraps that would have gone to the chickens.  They still got the scraps, they were just a little dryer.cider

The last chore of the day was to culture some raw cream with 1/8t of Crème fraîche starter. I’m going to leave it overnight not the counter and then make cultured butter from it tomorrow.culture

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