Fall Harvest Weekend – Sept

This weekend I started putting up the fall harvest to get ready for winter.

Grape Juice: Saturday was the day to start harvesting the grapes before the next rain storm.  I was able to bottle two batches of white grape juice from the grapes with seeds and put a couple of trays of seedless grapes into the dehydrator for raisins.  Sunday morning is here and there is another batch of grapes in the steam juicer – this time, purple ones.


Zucchini Bread: The zucchini is still coming on and, with us back at school, they are going unchecked and getting too big.  I made a batch of zucchini bread.  Two for the freezer and two for the boys.


Pesto: On Friday night, a good friend came over to show me how to make sweet basil pesto.  It was so easy that on Saturday I made a batch with my Thai basil, and another batch with sorrel and almonds.  On Sunday morning I made another small batch with Parsley. It’s popped into the freezer for winter pasta and soups.IMG_0918

Herbs: More of the herbs from the garden also need to be harvested and dried for winter. Some of the sage may also end up in one more pesto.

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