Summer Vacation – Day 34

It’s been another busy couple of weeks here at the backyard farm. Summer has been fun, full of house organizing, garden sprucing, good recipes, thrift stores, tag sales and projects galore.  It feels like it’s coming to and end, but we still have some time left.  So here’s to more summer fun to come.


We found some lovely fleece at a barn sale; sheep, llama, alpaca and pygora goat wool.



This is my first try at washing wool – a little Dawn, some hot water and very little swishing.  This is some of the llama wool.  I probably need a better way to dry it.


I went to a spinning group and a lovely group of ladies helped me start to learn to spin some yarn.  I found out that my wheel was out of alignment, part of my wheel are loose, my roving is a bit sticky with lanolin and that this is going to take a lot of practice.  I spent another day fixing up the wheel – hopefully it better now.


I did start sewing my sampler squares together into a large afghan. It’s taken a long time and several experiments to figure out how to join everything together, but I think I like the squares sewn together with yarn, it’s a nice, flat look.

IMG_0796I’ve also started melting down some of the candles that I purchased at the thrift shop and making some new candles.  The one problem that I’ve run into is with the cone mold on the right.  It keeps cutting off the wick on the top.

IMG_0795Only one more strand to go for my first basket.  I think it will turn out pretty well.  I learned a lot, but I really quite like it.


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